What Is Objective-C: Definition, Usages & App Examples

If that’s not the case, you should heavily consider using Swift vs. Objective-C. But, unlike Swift, it only supports ARC within the Cocoa API (Apple’s native desktop API). Other commonly used APIs within Objective-C, such as Core Graphics, don’t support ARC.

Advantages of Objective-C

That might be the case with other iOS-specific languages like Swift where you’d need to migrate your app to the newer version of the framework every once in a while. With Objective-C app development, you do not need to worry about such things and just keep on going with your standard application through all the updates. Since Swift is a open source programming language, you can get the extended support of a large community of developers. Whether you require a single Objective-C developer or a dedicated team of specialists for your project, our 300+ tech experts will provide you with high-quality services. You can rely on our experienced engineers to get top-notch Objective-C development services.

“Modern” Objective-C syntax (

Automatic Reference Counting manages the application’s memory usage, so the developers don’t have to spend time doing it. For example, SwiftUI is Apple’s new user interface framework for Swift. It was introduced in the Swift 5.1 release and is available starting with Xcode 11 beta. SwiftUI replaces the old View and ViewController classes and provides a modern API for creating user interfaces.

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Other languages have attempted to add this feature in a variety of ways. TOM took the Objective-C system a step further and allowed for the addition of variables also. Other languages have used prototype-based solutions instead, the most notable being Self. A class must be declared to implement that protocol to be said to conform to it.

Swift Vs Objective-C: Final Thoughts

Speaking of stability, Objective-C has been around for a long time which makes it a very stable language. With Swift, you’ll run into bugs that are pretty surprising and would be disruptive to the stability of your app. In the example I linked above, this crash would be caused by the actual language you are using to code your app, not due to any error created by the code you wrote. At a small company, the migration tool provided by Apple can be helpful and cover most cases. It’s even worse if your codebase contains both Objective-C and Swift code that interoperate.

If you don’t know much about app development or the programming language Objective C, you might want to consider help from a company like Designveloper. One of the ways we do this is with a team of experienced developers who are ready to support and give advice around the clock. Along with other modern programming languages, Swift code’s syntax is also very close to real English. Because Swift is easy to read, it’s much easier for programmers who already know JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, or C++ to add it to their toolchain.

Before we compare Swift and Objective-C, let’s go over the basics of each programming language. We give you the CVs of our best experts and you choose the ones you want on your team. Develop your perfect iOS or MacOS app with professional Objective-C developers at Intersog. However, we will be fair in distinguishing the two programming language and so let’s get down to some of its drawbacks. As an iOS app developer you can relax as your apps will perfectly work on cloud.

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Despite its apparent speed and power, Swift is still relatively new. Before reaching maturity, it must go through the same growing pains as other programming languages. Several issues must be addressed, regardless of how swiftly or powerfully it evolves. According to developers, Swift and Objective-C should learn to coexist. You may add new features to an existing Objective-C project or mix Objective-C components into a new Swift project.

Advantages of Objective-C

That is why the Objective-C vs Swift dilemma has been a subject of a heated discussion for the last couple of years. They should also know how to remediate security issues, and for this, they need training. And not just any training, but practical, hands-on training that prepares them for the real world. If any of those vulnerability names ring a bell, well, they all should!

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It also offers several intuitive features to simplify development, creating English-like code that’s cleaner and less error-prone. In addition to C’s style of procedural programming, C++ directly supports certain forms of object-oriented programming, generic programming, and metaprogramming. C++ also comes with a large standard library that includes several container classes. Similarly, Objective-C adds object-oriented programming, dynamic typing, and reflection to C.

Advantages of Objective-C

Based on the response, the company plans strategies for improvement. Then, our experienced Objective-C developers start working on your project. The development process is split into several sprints so that you can manage your project more efficiently.

Objective-C consists of a superset of C language, which means that it works flawlessly with both C++ and C codes. Stability is the main benefit of using Objective-C, as you are not required to make any extra expense of migrating the app to a new language after a specific period. Our well-planned software testing ensures bug fixing in the early stages and guarantees product compliance with requirements. Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.

Best Practices In iOS App Development

Swift is still evolving as a language, it has regular version updates, and applications written in Swift need to be migrated to the newest version. When an app is written in Objective-C, these operations are unnecessary. To hire the best Ionic Developers, it is essential to consider the hourly rates charged by each specialist as different persons charge differently according to their specifications. The fees also may vary according to the developers’ experience, location, skillset, and the type of Ionic Development services for which they are employed for a particular project.

  • Such companies as Lyft, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Eventbrite, VSCO and Hipmunk are using it in production.
  • If any of those vulnerability names ring a bell, well, they all should!
  • Objective-C has plenty of documentation, technical literature and a huge community.
  • C and Smalltalk and this is the reason why it has a complicated syntax.
  • Released in 2014, Swift is an intuitive programming language for iOS and macOS.

However, if you’re looking to future-proof your app, Swift is the better choice. As we mentioned in the intro, there’s really only one scenario in which you would want to pick Objective-C as your programming language. And that is if you’re an expert in Objective-C and you’ve inherited a codebase already written in Objective-C.

Advantages of Objective-C

This feature aids in the comprehension of the developer’s thinking and code simplicity. Dynamic typing improves class usage flexibility while avoiding typecasting for every written line of code. As a result, it is feasible to modify the structure and goal of classes throughout the development process. Not https://globalcloudteam.com/ as much adaptation required – many APIs still have a lot of catching up to do for apps that are developed with Swift. This means that it may be easier to apply Objective-C to an iOS mobile application. Swift code almost mirrors natural English, in addition to other contemporary programming languages.

All classes in an Objective-C application should be unique worldwide. So to dodge contention, there is a practice of prefixing the names of classes. This is the purpose we own the ‘NS’ prefix for the class in the Foundation Framework and the ‘UI’ prefix for the classes in UIKit. Swift has some features like generics, optional, type inference which make its apps less prone to errors. As Objective C is a superset of C thus, the code of C and C++ runs smoothly on this. Objective-C does not hold your hand when it comes to these things either.

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In addition, we also find the codes are clear, which makes both reading and writing the codes simpler. This is a simple language where there are very few or almost negligible chances of committing mistakes because of the inferred types. Since there is no classification of the classes, it becomes relatively easier to tackle and incorporate the files and interfaces as divided into half.

The fact that developers have complete admiration for the language contributes greatly to the developer’s motivation and productivity. Likewise, the language can be implemented atop extant C compilers rather than as a new compiler. This allows Objective-C to leverage the huge existing collection of C code, libraries, tools, etc. Existing C libraries can ios swift vs objective c be wrapped in Objective-C wrappers to provide an OO-style interface. In this aspect, it is similar to GObject library and Vala language, which are widely used in development of GTK applications. Most of Apple’s current Cocoa API is based on OpenStep interface objects and is the most significant Objective-C environment being used for active development.


Still, you need to think carefully about your needs and preferences before choosing the best option. It can be seen from the above that Objective-C is not really needed to become a full-Stack Web developer. Web Developers work with high-level programming languages and tools such as PHP, C#, Python, Node.js, etc.

The application functionality can be based on these and other features of the device. Consumer-facing apps – Swift is a good choice in those cases when performance and speed are considered to be critical. With Swift, your developers can use advanced error handling to avoid most of the typical mistakes that occur in Objective-C.

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